notfall kapsel

Who We Are

We are a subsidiary brand of Notfall Akademie (Schweiz) AG. Our parent company has been a leader in providing emergency training services in Switzerland since the past 5 years. Notfall Kapsel has been borne out of the dedication and innovative thinking of highly qualified emergency doctors and paramedics. Our extensive years of professional training and practice made us realize, there is a need for smart solutions to an everyday crisis. Who would have thought something as unappealing as first-aid could be made enticing and more accessible? Notfall Kapsel is your handy little companion for your medical emergency needs.

Swiss made product

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland. We live by our traditional Swiss values of honesty, hard work, innovation, inclusion, and a sense of responsibility. Your health and safety could not be in better hands. Your decision to purchase Notfall Kapsel will contribute to a life of integrity for the differently abled (of the BSZ Foundation), who play an essential role in packing the final product with great love and care.

Subsidiary Brand of Notfall Akademie (Schweiz) AG

Notfall Kapsel has been designed with expertise gained over years of research and practice by teams of doctors, paramedics, and medical professionals from our parent company, Notfall Akademie (Schweiz) AG.


Patented Product

Our emergency capsule is a one-of-a-kind product that has been conceptualized and manufactured with great dedication and innovation. To ensure you are not deceived by counterfeits or imitations, we have had the emergency capsule protected by the European Patent Office.