notfall kapsel

Why Notfall Kapsel by the owner

With the emergency capsule you can provide active first aid immediately and thus improve the chances of survival of the person in need of help. And you can protect yourself in action.

Swiss made product

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland. It is important to us to be able to offer you a high quality product. The emergency capsule is packed by people with a disability of the BSZ Foundation. They are given the opportunity to be part of a productive work process. By purchasing this emergency capsule, you contribute to the preservation of meaningful jobs. So that integration is successful.

A brand off Notfall Akademie (Schweiz) AG

We want you to be able to give first aid safely and to be able to guarantee your own protection at all times. The product was developed by people working in emergency medicine.


Patented Product

The emergency capsule is very important to us. We are convinced that we have developed a high-quality and useful product. In order to protect our product permanently against imitators, we have had the emergency capsule protected by the European Patent Office.