notfall kapsel

Need a professional service ?

Would you like to place an order for your employees, or are you thinking of offering it to your customers?
We offer you professional conditions on our entire range of products.
Let’s discuss together to determine your needs to take advantage of our know-how and advantageous services, pricing conditions, choice of products, marketing materials…

The Perks & Benefits You Will Get:

You will be assigned an advisor to make your experience as smooth and pleasing as possible.

Scale our solution and resell it. We offer a highly competitive purchase price. You are unlikely to get the same value for money elsewhere.

Access to pre-prepared marketing material. Our teams will help prepare any accompanying marketing material that you think is necessary.

Your branding is taken care of. Have your logo printed on the capsule and packaged in a visually appealing packaging, guaranteed to win over your customers and employees.

Fully customized solutions. Together with our team, you can customize the capsule in any way that you desire. We are up for the challenge.

Represent your company by putting your logo on the capsules.

Emergency Capsule

Do you need to order several emergency capsules for your company or your customers? In one or several colours? you want to change the configuration of the capsule, adapt it to a particular environment, or simply customise it in another way?

Our first aid specialists are at your disposal! Contact us, we will be happy to answer your request.

Design your capsule

Choose your capsule design, your logo, or another?
Choose your own color!
Maybe you want a specific design for an event? To celebrate? To promote your brand?

 Our designers are available to create the design you want.

Contact us to discuss about it.

Looking for Corporate Gift Packs?

At Notfall Akademie, we have a dedicated service for companies that will allow you to benefit from several perks. We will provide you top notch customer service and help customize the corporate gift pack to best suit the needs of your employees and customers. Our team will take care of all the nitty gritties while you feel proud for helping save lives.

Profit From Our Innovation

Our high quality and innovative emergency capsule can turn into a revenue generating stream for you.
The research and manufacturing costs have already been taken care of.
Whether you are a large-scale business or a small shop owner.
we are here to adapt our solution and make it work for you.