notfall kapsel

 Notfall Kapsel

Product for Life

What is notfall kapsel

Have you ever wanted to give “first aid” as a first aider in a medical emergency, but were unable to protect yourself adequately against infectious diseases and also a naturally arising disgust? We have developed a unique, innovative product with which you can provide “first aid” immediately in the event of a medical emergency, and as a first aider you can always respect your own protection.

When to use?

Statistics show that almost one in ten citizens suffer accidents so serious that medical treatment is necessary. The most serious accidents occur at home, during leisure activities and on the roads. A person who has suffered injuries or whose health has suddenly deteriorated must receive immediate help before the doctor/rescue service arrives. The main objective of first aid is to protect the first aider and to save the life and health of the injured person.

How it works?

With the emergency capsule, you can immediately provide active first aid while maintaining self-protection and thus improve the survival chances of the person in need of help. The handy, lightweight capsule can be used as a key ring and is, therefore, the perfect daily companion. To ensure that you can benefit from your emergency capsule for a long time, it is waterproof, weatherproof and shockproof.

What color will you choose?

Currently, this innovative capsule is available in the following metallic colours, light blue, dark blue, purple, violet, copper, grey and red. The emergency capsule is just as small as a surprise egg. So nothing stands in the way of the little helper becoming your constant companion.

Offer It Around You

For an even greater WOW effect, we also offer our emergency capsule in a stylish gift box. Each capsule is professionally packed by us. The stable folding box is the perfect advertising medium, as the insert can be printed with your company logo on all sides.





Shock Resistant

Save Lives in Security

Weight: 19 Gr


Height: 5 cm


Width: 2.5 cm


Don’t waste your time! with the Notfall Kapsel you can react quickly and save lives in the event of an accident.

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