notfall kapsel

 Notfall Kapsel

Product for Life

What is notfall kapsel

Have you ever been left stumped by a medical emergency? Swiftly responding to emergencies can be challenging and intimidating. Fortunately, we have made it easier, faster, and less overwhelming for you to deal with any medical emergency that comes your way. Our innovative emergency capsule makes administering first-aid super simple and accessible – wherever and whenever you need it! Think of it as your handy little companion.

When to use?

Medical emergencies strike when you least expect them to. Statistics show that one in ten citizens suffer accidents that require urgent first aid. The most serious accidents occur at home, during leisure activities, and on the roads. A person’s health can further deteriorate while the rescue services arrive, making it all the more essential to be equipped for such unforeseen emergencies. Notfall Kapsel puts the first aid provider and the injured at ease while reducing further damage and improving chances of survival.

How it works?

Notfall Kapsel comes equipped with easy-to-follow instructions and essential first-aid tools recommended by medical experts and paramedics. With the capsule, you can instantly provide first-aid without panicking or putting your own safety at risk. Lightweight, compact, and portable – Notfall Kapsel is the perfect everyday companion. Flaunt your style with this trendy and purposeful keychain.

What color will you choose?

Not just any other ordinary first-aid equipment, Notfall Kapsel is designed to be an extension of your personality. Choose from 6 fun and visually striking metallic colors – Pink, Dark blue, Hell Blue, Red, Green, Voilet. Just as small as an adorable easter egg, nothing stands in the way of this little helper becoming your constant companion.

Offer It Around You

For an even greater WOW effect, we also offer our emergency capsule in a stylish gift box. Each capsule is professionally packed by us. The stable folding box is the perfect advertising medium, as the insert can be printed with your company logo on all sides. The ideal personal or corporate gift.





Shock Resistant

Save Lives in Security

Weight: 19 Gr


Height: 5 cm


Width: 2.5 cm


Don’t waste your time! with the Notfall Kapsel you can react quickly and save lives in the event of an accident.

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